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JAVANDRA was founded by experts who are experienced in service delivery in the telecommunication industry. We intend to bring our expertise in project management and technologies into various areas of business. Our strong competency in driving and managing daily project implementation incorporates successful of your business.

Our Services

Wireless Access Networks

We are committed to delivering high standard service in the following area: BSC/RNC/BTS/node B implementation, Radio Network Planning and Optimization, Indoor Building Coverage Solution (IBS), Microwave (IP Microwave, point to point & point to multi-point, PDH, and SDH), and Wi-Fi (offloading)

Civil Mechanical & Electrical

Our team has experienced deliver CME project such as Mini CME, Microcell Pole & Green Field, with a wide scope of works such as : Site Survey, Site Acquisition including IMB, CME Implementation, and PLN Connection

Wireline Access Networks

We are ready to deliver end to end solution for optical fiber solution for our customer, including design, cable laying, installation, splicing, testing and commissioning optical fiber and transmission equipment

IT Consulting

IT provides the foundation for correctness, security, and ease of use of IT implementations. Now, you can focus on visibility and real-time health data instead of starting over

Internet of Things

Our IoT capabilities help you design and deploy the right solution, whether it’s connectivity services from our partner ecosystem, device, platform, service, or use-case-specific solutions.

IT Development

We develop web-based applications for various applications, including Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Responsive Web, and Android and iOS Apps.

Smart Hospital System

We develop Smart hospitals to integrate assets and resources across the environment for near-real-time data access and analysis, informing and accelerating patient journeys, increasing operational efficiencies, and optimizing resource utilization for better experiences and outcomes.

Electromedic Services

New technology integration of ecosystems, devices, platforms, services, or use-case-specific solutions to deliver electromedical devices and services for medical businesses.

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